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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


NEVERMORE will I take for granted the fleeting happenings of each day - NEVERMORE will I be too busy to live in the moment or be present for all the gifts that abound - NEVERMORE will I be upset or disenchanted with the messes made because....

there will be a time when I will.....

miss the toys left on the floor
miss the sound of barking dogs and crying cats
miss the dirty dish left in the sink
miss the voices of Dora the Explorer and the Chipmunks
miss the call asking if it is OK to come over
miss the laughter that rings through the house
miss the companionship of family living close by
miss the clutter
miss the sweet chaos that life brings when surrounded by those you love
miss the wonderful messes that make up my life

Treasure each moment  - be fully present -  life is short - say "NEVERMORE" to missing and finding joy of what is in front of you :)

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