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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


"Light shines on shattered glass producing sparkles and hues of illuminating magic.....  "
excerpt from  RAINBOWS AND SHATTERED GLASS- a guide for finding your rainbow -  your way -  no matter what ----

I am  "re-doing" - "renewing"  -  "revamping" - "finishing" -  a booklet I wrote "way back when" for all of us who are  searching for our rainbows - wanting to find an intuitive and artistic path -  feeling there should and could be another dimension to life  -  and for all of us who realize that when the sun shines on even the tiniest piece of  shattered glass  - the light grows and glows and sparkles..... This is a work in progress  -  I anxiously await the finished product to share - but am enjoying the process of "new light" as well--

All our journeys are different - While hopes, beliefs and dreams may differ,  I am enthused to see all the posts on various blogs that deal with - faith - creativity - music - healing - being kind to yourself   - and all the ways that each person stretches and searches for that specific rainbow they call  "HOME"......

 I have decided to post a few blogs/sites that caught my eye -- hoping that you will feel blessed by reading about the journey of others - about their passions and directions - and realize that we all have a rainbow - so different yet so similar -

Please comment by sending your favorite blogs, quotes, and sites so that we all can incorporate the little drafts and whispers found within to gain further insights as we find our own pot of gold--    That would be so spectacular!


"It doesn't happen all at once, said the skin horse, you become."  The Velveteen Rabbit

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