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Friday, February 22, 2013


We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they are called memories. Some take us forward, they are called dreams. - Jeremy Irons

The notebooks I create are not only for me but also for my children and their children and their children throughout time - with hopes that they will see life as a joy even through the challenges - to know that life is a journey even though there are resting and stopping points - and that learning to give, love, and achieve no matter what the circumstances keeps dreams alive.....

My keepsake notebooks are so much fun  - I will be giving a local  workshop on a summer one-- but my favorite is creating a yearly notebook - This is how mine looks, why I do what I do, and where to find some of the pages I use.

* One 3 ring notebook with a place to inset front page  - This year my cover has the year and my word for the year - FREE - the picture came from a calendar that I received - and google images did the rest -

* Calendar page for each month - I print these out from various sites.  This year I used
               www.dltk.com- you can get actual pics/paintings like this horse or cute clip art-

* Journal entries - I use notebook paper - I  also paste, glue, draw and tape all kinds of things that remind me of the growth and dreams I wish for each year in this area- I  use small sticky notes with affirmations, reminders etc--I love sticky notes ! I place the  journal section after the calendar --

* "KEEPING TRACK " -- I  put this page after each journal section - these are the titles I track monthly and yearly  - yours might/will be different -  I leave enough space after each so there is room to write- I experiment with all kinds of colors and fonts just for fun....and at times clip art- I have used this list for the past three years- It is fun to look back and see where there has been growth and dreams fulfilled and what areas remain stagnant and need more attention--

                HEALTH AND FITNESS

*Pocket dividers - I only use 2 - one in the front and one in the back in which  I stash things I find or am in the process of doing - half written poems or stories - photos - etc  - When time allows I finish writing -tape - or toss-  This way my desk is not covered with papers that fly on the floor when the cats decide to help me type!!
my typing companion

*** WORD FOR THE YEAR - I do several things with this - I use  www.wordle.net to create a word
           cloud to use as my first page.  I also make a colorful "vision paper" of what that word looks
          like in photos, quotes, drawings, poems- etc, and put that in the front of the notebook-

 This year I also included a Monthly Meal planner page to track healthy and inexpensive recipes that are also tasty and fun--not sure I will keep that one going tho -

AND - I add photos of my family - notes from studies I am involved in - copies of posts - and all things uplifting-

 I LOVE to personalize - there is never enough room or the right kinds of pages for the specific things I love in store bought items- so creating my own makes me happy - gives me what I need - is an  outlet for a little creativity and fun  - as well as a gift of memories to the family :)

Gather your family and friends - get creative - laugh - enjoy - and make a keepsake -

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